Palm Springs Green Waste Collection

Green Waste collection is on the same day as your Waste pick up.

Curb Collection and Walk-in Service available

Have green waste on curb by 6:00 a.m.

Palm fronds accepted

Boxes and plastic bags not accepted

Available for most single-family residents

  • Cut up trimmings to increase the amount of yard waste that fits into the cart

  • DO NOT put green waste in plastic bags
Grass Clippings
Palm Fronds
Shrub Trimmings
Tree Trimmings
Twigs & Small Branches
All materials must be placed in the cart. Plastic bags are not acceptable.
Animal Waste
Food Waste

Green Waste

Green waste includes grass clippings, tree trimmings, shrubs and palm fronds. Please use the green cart and do not use plastic bags.Green waste recycling

Why Should You Participate in Green Waste Recycling?

Green waste makes up about 33% of the trash that goes into Coachella Valley landfills. By recycling your green waste, you can dramatically reduce this burden on our landfills. And, recycling turns green waste into nutrient-rich compost for use in landscape projects. Please advise gardeners and landscapers to place grass clippings and tree trimmings into containers for recycling.

Our Industrial Services are available for disposal of large quantities of Green Waste.

To dispose of green waste yourself, contact these vendors:

California Valley Compost Facility
87011 Landfill Road, Coachella

So Cal Recycling
29250 Rio Del Sol, Thousand Palms