Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Why wasn't my garbage or recycling picked up?
In most cases you’ve have contacted us BEFORE your scheduled pick up day. You can check the schedule here. Additionally, you may not have had your garbage on the curb by 6:00 a.m., or your trash can weighed more than 50 lbs., or you set out more carts than your subscribed level of service, or your items were too large or were not compactable household trash.

In the case of recycling, items that are not recyclable may have been in the bin. In the case of commercial bins, the bin may have been inaccessible, obstructed by a vehicle or there could have been hazardous waste spotted inside the container.
Can I have my trash picked up by my house or garage?
Yes. There is a subscription level that offers this service. Subscribe online or call our office (760) 327-1351 ext. 313, to arrange a service that fits your needs.
I just moved and have a lot of cardboard boxes, but neither the regular crew nor the recycling crew will take them, what shall I do?
Call our recycling Hot line (760) 327-SAVE (327-7283) available 24 hours per day or email us and give us your name, address and phone number and the date (Wednesdays only) you would like us to pick up your cardboard. Place the flattened boxes (tied or taped together) on your driveway by 7 a.m. on that date. If you have packing paper or Styrofoam material, place it on the curb for trash pickup in a plastic bag. Depending on your subscription level, packing material may incur additional charges.
How do I get large items such as furniture picked up? Is there a charge?
We offer Special Hauls Monday through Friday. Call (760) 327-1351 to schedule a pick up. The Special Haul crew will provide you with an estimate in the field. If you agree to the charge, you would pay the crew and they will haul the items away. If you reside in a single-family residence, PSDS provides 2 free bulky item pickups per year. This includes appliances, old furniture and other large items.
I have an old appliance, how do I get rid of it?
We will pick up 2 appliances per year at no additional charge. This free service is for single family dwelling units.
If I have a party, can I expect to have all my excess waste collected the next collection day?
Our collection crew will pick up only what your subscription level covers. However, we can pick up excess waste for a minimal additional haul charge.
How do I dispose of paint cans?
You can dispose of (A) Anti-freeze (B) Batteries (O) Oil and (P) Paint at the city sponsored ABOP Center. The center has recently been relocated to a new site at 1100 Vella Road (corner of Mesquite Ave.), next to the tennis courts. The ABOP facility is open Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. October through May and from 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. June through September. They are closed on rainy days and holidays.
Where is the Transfer Station?
The County Landfill has closed down. The Edom Hill Transfer Station (EHTS) was constructed in 2004 at the same location and is owned and operated by Burrtec Waste. The hours of the facility are 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday. They are also open on Sundays with limited hours.
How do I get to the Edom Hill Transfer Station?
Take the Date Palm or Palm Drive exit off the I-10. Head north to Varner Road. From Palm Drive turn east or from Date Palm Drive turn west onto Varner. Look for the sign marking the road to the facility (turn north).

Green Waste & Recycling

How can I get recycling containers (the blue carts)?
If you live in a single family dwelling just give us a call or email us and we’ll have containers delivered to you on your next pickup day. If you live in a complex (multiple units) or have a business, please call at (760) 327-1351 ext. 303, or email us and our Recycling Coordinator will contact you.
How does the Green Waste Program work?
The green waste is collected on your regular trash day. Crews collect properly prepared green waste placed in your green trash cart.
Can I use plastic bags for Green Waste?
No. Green waste must be placed in the green trash cart. The Green Waste crews picks up green waste and takes it directly to a composting facility. The load cannot be contaminated with plastic bags or trash.
I had cactus in my trash cart. Why didn't the crew empty the cart?
Cactus is our Green Waste exception. Because uncovered cactus needles can be prone to displacement, we advise customers to place cactus in paper grocery bag or in a double plastic bag and place it with your regular trash cart on your regular collection day. Please do not place loose cactus inside the trash cart.

Once Weekly Collection - Starting March 31, 2014
On July 3, 2013, the Palm Springs City Council authorized a new collection program for Residential Customers that receive individual collection. Following are answers to some common questions about the Once Weekly Collection service that will being on March 31, 2014.

What is Once-Weekly?
The term ‘Once-Weekly’ refers to the frequency of collection. In this new program, PSDS will distribute carts to each residence receiving individual trash collection. These carts are similar to those presently used in the recycling program. The carts will be collected one time each week instead of twice. The collection vehicle will be equipped with a robotic arm that will reach out, grab the container, empty the contents into the truck and return the cart to the ground.
When will the Once-Weekly Program begin?
The start-up date for once-weekly collection will be Monday, March 31, 2014. Carts will be distributed one to three weeks ahead of that date. Between now and then we will be ordering and preparing the equipment and sharing information with customers.
My street is narrow. Will I receive carts?
Maybe not. About 800 dwellings are on streets that are not accessible to the collection vehicles due to width or height obstructions. Also, some planned unit developments have cart storage limitations. In these cases, we will collect trash manually from customer-provided 32- gallon (max.) containers that do not weigh more than 50-pounds when filled. These customers will be contacted directly and will be offered service options to meet their needs.
In my neighborhood, waste and recycling collections are made from commercial-type bins. Will this new program affect me?
No. The program does not affect neighborhoods that utilize commercial-type bins.
Right now I enjoy Walk-In service. Will that continue?
Yes. We recognize that our customers have different service needs and we will continue to offer different subscription services to meet those needs. Subscribers may either select curbside or walk-in service. Curbside customers may select Economy service with a 65-gallon cart or Family Value Service with a 96-gallon cart. Walk-In customers may select the standard service with a 65-gallon cart or Estate Service with unlimited collections.

Extra carts will also be available for Family Value and Walk-In customers (additional charges apply). Long before the program commences, customers will be advised of their service options and offered opportunities to enroll the service that best meets their needs.
If service is being cut in half, from twice weekly to once weekly, will rates be cut in half as well?
A good question. Unfortunately that won’t be the case and here’s why. Rates are made up of three main components; service, tip fees and other fees.

Service fees cover operational costs (for labor, truck operating costs, cart repair and replacement costs, interest and depreciation, and the like) and general administrative costs (for office and overhead).

Tip fees and other fees do not decrease even if the collection frequency changed to once a month.

The City placed very high importance on making sure that the monthly fees for the new service were appropriate and engaged an independent industry expert to examine our cost structure and proposed fees. The consultant found that the 14% reduction in rates was reasonable.

Service costs will be reduced because the number of collection routes will decrease from eight to four but a good part of that savings is offset by the cost of the carts, which is almost $1 million for the 18,000 carts needed for the program. The new trucks are of a completely different design and will replace those currently in use.
Without a second pickup, I am concerned about odors from my trash?
This concern was thoroughly vetted by City Staff. Most cities in the Valley provide once-weekly trash collection. Staff turned to each of the cities to examine their odor issue and complaint experience; not one reported any odor problem attributed to once-weekly collection.
How will I know what size cart to select?
This is another excellent question and one that we will cover thoroughly with customers as they make their cart selection before the program begins.

Because of their size and configuration, carts hold more trash than you might expect.

The weight limit of the new carts is 200 pounds for 65-gallon carts and 250 pounds for 96-gallon carts.

Secondly, experience with the current twice-weekly collection system tells us that residents typically dispose of significantly more trash on the first collection day of the week than the second: 70-30.

All customers subscribing to the current Family Value service will receive a 96-gallon cart because that best matches their current subscription level.

Economy customers are low generators and they will receive a 65-gallon cart.

The chart below will be used to guide customers with their service selection.

What if I have extra trash?
We recognize that customers will sometimes have extra trash that won’t fit in the cart and we will accommodate that. At the start of the program we will help customers with the transition. Thereafter, extra pickup services can be arranged by calling our office. In the week after the Christmas we will collect extra trash without any extra charge.
I don’t recycle now because I am a part-time resident with walk-in service and I don’t want to pay extra for walk-in recycling?
You are in luck. In the new program, every customer subscribing to Walk-In service will receive Walk-In recycling without any additional charge.
When will I receive my cart?
We plan to begin using the new carts on Monday, March 31, 2014. We will see to it that Customers receive their cart no less than one week ahead of their collection day that week. Some customers will receive their cart as early as 4 weeks ahead. The reason for that is it will take us about 3 weeks to distribute almost 18,000 carts throughout the community.
Can I continue to use my old trash can?
The new program will require that only carts be used for trash collection. That’s because the trucks are equipped with a robotic arm for collecting and the arms would damage or crush your old can. We will gladly collect old trash cans and recycle or dispose of them for you. When you receive your cart, you will also receive information on how and when to dispose of old trash cans.
Where do I place the cart on collection day?
If you are a curbside subscriber, you will place the cart at the edge of the street or next to the curb with the arrow on the lid pointing toward the street and away from your property. Allow at least four feet of clearance around the cart for proper collection, this includes your recycling cart.

Of course if you are a Walk-In subscriber, we will move your cart to the curb for collection and return it later in the day. Remember that subscribers to Walk-In trash collection also receive Walk-In Recycling for no extra charge.
What about Green Waste?
Customers desiring separate Green Waste collection may subscribe to the service for a one-time charge of $12.00 for which they will receive a cart for Green Waste. Extra monthly fees will apply only to Customers desiring a second cart or Walk-In service.

Customers may also continue to utilize the semi-annual cleanups to dispose of Green Waste.
Why are you making the change?
The chief motivation behind the change to once-weekly collection is the environmental benefit. There will be a 40%+ reduction in truck trips as a result of the change.

The new program also brings with it several other benefits:
  • All neighborhood collections of trash, recyclables and green waste will be made on the same day;
  • The carts used in the program will make for a neater appearance when they are on the street for collection;
  • Carts are less susceptible to being tipped by the wind or rifled through by foraging animals;
  • The carts and vehicles used to collect them will reduce the amount of litter occurring during collection; and,
  • Broken carts will be replaced by PSDS
What are you doing to combat scavengers from going through my recycling cart?
The new program should help a lot. In the new program, all recycling will normally be collected before 10:00 AM. If you subscribe to curbside collection and wait until morning to put your recycling cart out for collection, the amount of time available for scavengers will be greatly reduced from the present day practices. We think that this will help.

Scavenging is illegal and the City will also be stepping up code enforcement. In the future, we will publish information to assist customers with reporting violations.
Where can I get more information about once-weekly?
Call: 760-327-1351 OR 1-800-973-3873 or visit the office at: 4690 East Mesquite Avenue, Palm Springs, CA

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